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Maggie's Six Hen House

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Maggie's Six Hen House


Price: 430.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Heart Window?

The Maggie's Six Chicken House for 6 laying hens, or eight small birds.

The Maggie's Six Chicken House has plenty of space inside for six hens, or 4 and a cockerel, and it has a large access door at the back for easy cleaning. There are two removable perches, a pull-out droppings board and external nestboxes which can be lifted off for cleaning. It also has ventilation grilles in the apex and our trade-mark heart-shaped polycarbonate window on the front, please select above if you prefer not have the heart window.

The nest boxes can be placed on either side of the henhouse to suit (if we send it assembled we would usually put them on the right as shown), but do let us know if you need them on the left so we can change the placement of the cabin hooks. There are a number of Wired Run options for the Maggie's Six henhouse and you can scroll down this page for further images.

* Large Back Door * Removable Dirt Tray * External Lift-off Nest Boxes
* 2 Removable Perches * Secure Pop-Hole Ramp * Ridge Ventilation

Option to add the VSB automatic pop-hole opener: Add the VSB Kit below and we will fit this for you when ordered with the house.

Measures ext. overall inc. nestboxes:1.35m x 1m x 1.14m high; Internally min: 910mm wide x 760mm deep. Footprint centre foot to centre foot: 800mm x 590mm. Pop-hole: 280mm wide x 260mm high.

Currently 2 week delivery. Delivery is by Palletline pallet company, full details on our Delivery Page. This house normally arrives ready assembled on a pallet but if it is more convenient for you to have it delivered flatpacked, just make a note when ordering. A separate confirmation email after placing the order will offer a delivery date.

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VSB Kit For Flyte so Fancy Maggies Six Hen House

VSB Kit For Flyte so Fancy Maggies Six Hen House


Price: 133.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


BTVSB-D - Digital Battery Timer for VSB Door Opener Unit Add a battery timer to this kit? + 44.00

We have put together a complete VSB Kit for the Automatic Door Opener to suit a FSF Maggie's Six Henhouse, so you can buy in one click and be sure that you have received all you need.

If ordering at the same time as the henhouse we will fit it free of charge, if retro fitting you will only need to add the small piece of timber for mounting (included in kit).

If you also require a Timer to control the opening or closing of the door, select from tick box above, or for more information this link will take you to the VSB Digital Battery Timer

Kit contains:
VSB Door Opener internal (with light sensor cable)
VSB Lightweight Aluminium Door - medium
Mounting timber
FSF Instruction booklet

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Painting Service for Maggie's Six & Dozen Hen Houses


Price: 180.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Body Colour
Roof & Accents Colour

As you would imagine, we've selected only the very best long-lasting, microporous Hen-friendly paint for the task of painting your Hen House. Most of our hen houses are available with a triple coated, hand-brushed choice of these Heritage colours (please note this does not include the painting of any wired runs that you may choose to go with your henhouse).

From a bold statement of style to the subtlest of traditional earthy tones, we hope you will agree that these classic colour combinations are irresistible.

The paint we use, colour choice above, is from the Marston & Langinger Range or Dulux Aquatach Range which are both micro-porous paints designed to last for many years of outdoor life. They give a highly flexible opaque finish which provides excellent resistance to peeling, flaking and blistering. They are quick drying and protect exterior wood for up to 6 years. We do also provide small pots of touch up paint with any hen house we paint.

We have tried to ensure the shades shown here are a true representation of the colour but often the colour you see will depend on the screen setting of your computer or iPad. if the colour required is crucial to your scheme please do just call us for paint sample to be sent, 01300 345229.

Please make your selection from the drop down boxes above, add to the shopping basket with the henhouse and we would expect to deliver to you within 3-4 weeks of ordering. Of course do mention when ordering if you have a required-by date in mind.

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Introducing the Maggie's Six Henhouse

Other views of the Maggie's Six Henhouse

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