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Deer Electric Fencing Kit

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Deer Electric Fence Kit, 150m


Price: 395.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


An Electric Fencing Kit for Deer to protect your flowers and vegetables, or whole garden, from devastation by Deer intrusion.

This is a complete electric fence kit to construct a semi-permanent, 150 metre (approx 165 yards) length of electric fence up to height of 1.5m (5 ft) around the intrusion sector, or your whole garden. More posts, tape or wire can easily be added to make a longer fence, see links below.

The kit includes 20 rigid white plastic stirrup posts to take three lines of white 6-strand polywire and two strands of 20mm wide White Electro-Tape (white for visibility). It is powered by the Hotline Raptor 170 Energiser which is a multi-power electric fence energiser on its own metal stand. It is quite powerful with 1.7 stored joules giving out almost 9000 volts, or 4,600 volts under heavy load.

A really flexible energiser that can be powered by a 12v leisure battery or from the mains, so, if your situation changes and you need to swap between types of power input, you don't have to buy another energiser. The HT cable and clips for mains operation are included. It will also operate from a 6v internal battery if required although in this type of fence there would be a reduction in voltage but it can still be useful in emergency situations (available below).

The 20mm wide white electro-tape is to make sure the deer can see the fence and not accidentally run into it. One strand of tape should be placed at about 1m high and the other strands of wire and tape alternate from that. Full instructions are included with the kit.

Tip: One trick might be to 'bait' the tape with peanut butter which will encourage the deer to touch the fence and this will teach them to be afraid of the tape (and not to eat peanut butter!!)

Kit includes:
Hotline Raptor 170 Multi-power Energiser (3 yr warranty)
25m Hotline HT Lead out cable (for mains operation)
2 Crocodile Clips (for mains operation)
500m 6-strand White Polywire
400m x 20mm White Electro-Tape
20 x 1.5m Hotline White Stirrup Posts
2 x Heart Connector Clamps
10 x Wire Joiner Clamps
5 x Tape Joiner Buckles
Fence Indicator Lamp
20 Screw-in Insulators
Earth Stake
Warning Sign
Installation Instructions

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Price: 15.33 (Including VAT at 20%)


Electric Deer Fence Electric Deer Fence

An Electric Fence Kit to prevent deer devastating your garden or land. A 150m long, 5-strand, 5ft tall electric fence kit powered by either mains or 12v battery.

The fence kit can be extended by adding more posts, wire and tape and the energisers could power up to 1000m. You can add other items to the kit to suit your particular needs e.g. gateways.

Our Electric Fence Kits include everything you need to install an effective fence and come with full instructions.

The energiser has an max. output of 8600v, which is necessary for Deer, being hooved animals, as they can be particularly resistant to electric shock and therefore need a high-powered fence. Deer tend to 'measure' a fence before they jump and may touch it with their nose. This type of animal cannot judge three dimensionally and must measure first.

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