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Cottage Hen House & Run

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Cottage Hen House

Ref: CH


Price: 419.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Heart Window?


The Cottage Hen House is a lovely small chicken coops. Suitable for 3 to 5 small hens.

There is access to the run both from the front through the door and underneath the house where the wire panel lifts out. This means you can place their feeder easily in a sheltered part of the run.

* Fully opening back door for easy access * Internal Nest Box * Two long perches
* Shelter under the house * Optional Run extension * Very easy to clean
* Handles for easy lifting * The Perfect Cottage Garden Chicken House

Max. ext. dimensions:- 137cm wide x 122cm deep x 135cm high, internal house:- 122cm W x 59cm D x 74cm H max. Footprint: 122cm x 122cm. Pop-hole size: 26cm x 26cm. Height underneath house 48cm

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Extension Run for Cottage Hen House


Price: 195.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


This spacious extension to the Cottage Hen House is perfectly secure from any cunning, foxy, passers-by and at 6ft long by 4ft wide will increase the complete run area to 10ft x 4ft wide allowing lots of lovely light and room to roam.

It also has its own access door beside the house run door. The Chicken Run Extension is 122cm wide x 180cm long x 97cm high (4ft x 6ft x 3ft).

Currently 2 week delivery. When purchased separately this run will be delivered by courier, in panels for simple self assembly, and the carriage charge will be £19.87 (mainland England).

No-Dig Skirt for Small Chicken Runs


Price: 32.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


No-Dig Skirt for your Chicken Run, a simple solution to prevent Foxes and Badgers digging under your Poultry Run.

The No-Dig Skirt is 10 inch wide strips of 2" x 2" strong weldmesh ready to lay on the ground under the edges of your run and they are held in place with galvanised pegs (supplied with the skirt).


This small no-dig skirt would suit a run with a total footprint length of up to 20ft e.g. our Cottage Henhouse (approx. 4'x 4') or the 6ft and 9ft Runs for the Hobby Henhouse.

There are the occasions when you may be away for the weekend, or on holiday and friends are in charge. This is an inexpensive way to give you the reassurance that the hens will be safe. The fox will instinctively want to dig right next to the base of the run and will not normally attempt to dig from several inches away.

Simply place the 10 inch wide strips of weldmesh on the ground around the outside of your run and peg in place (metal pegs included).

No-Dig Skirts are also available for larger runs up to 9' x 15' and for over 9' x 15' - again though if they are not Flyte so Fancy made, then just tell us the size you require.

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Sleeper & Woodchip Pack for Cottage Henhouse + Run


Price: 187.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


A Sleeper & Woodchip Pack for the Cottage Henhouse & Run to create a permanent site for your chicken house and run - and to save you having to move the Run every week. This package can make a secure (fox-proof), level surface for your Chicken Run by raising it on a timber plinth and filling the inside surface with woodchip.

The woodchip is an excellent, hygienic, surface for the birds - almost self-cleaning. Just wash through with a garden hose if we haven't had any rain, refresh perhaps twice a year, and you can just scatter some powder disinfectant over it once a month to keep it fresh. Much more healthy than bare soil for the birds, and much less smelly too.

The pack contains a set of pressure treated timbers, 10in x 5in, to create a raised plinth for your Cottage Henhouse and Run and the right number of bags of hardwood woodchip to create a clean, natural surface for the hens. The sleepers (softwood tanalised - not oak) will be cut to the lengths required and will come with a layout plan (its just like putting lego together really!).

Usually 1 - 2 week delivery time. Delivery of the pack (if not purchased at the same time as the henhouse) is via Palletline carrier. If ordered with your Henhouse they will all arrive together within the carriage cost of the unit - if ordered separately then delivery cost £39.95 to most of UK.

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