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Aubiose Hemp Bedding

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Aubiose Chopped Hemp Bedding 20kg


Price: 14.62 (Including VAT at 20%)


Aubiose Hemp Bedding is derived from the soft centre of the hemp plant. Used widely for Horse bedding in stables because it is so absorbent but also make terrific bedding for chickens.

Aubiose is cultivated without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or insecticides and absorbs up to 12 times more liquid than straw and 4 times more than shavings. It is used widely as bedding for horses because of its great absorbancy and natural fly repellant qualities. Also great for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Aubiose has a spongy texture, which traps odours and is unattractive to flies and parasites. Aubiose comes in heavy-duty plastic bags. It quickly decomposes in to a highly organic fertiliser and is ideal for gardeners, nurseries, fields and mushroom growing. A completely sustainable resource. Use as you would woodshaving and you will find this lasts much longer and will help to contain the ammonia smell that hens produce.

As a very rough guide, one bale would cover 2 square metres to a depth of 10cm.

Very large 20kg bale, delivery charge for one bale is £7.99 to most parts of the UK but will be pro-rata cheaper with quantity e.g 2 bales delivery charge is £11.30.

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Online Shop |  Poultry Equipment & Accessories |  Aubiose Hemp Bedding